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Cowboy Luggage - Western Lifestyle - Western SuitcasesWelcome to, your source for Western suitcases, briefcases, valises and backpacks! We are widely experienced in the Western retail arena, having run Dog Jake Western Store since 2009. Now, due to retirements, vendor closures and other events, Dog Jake has evolved into Cowboy Luggage, your online source for Western luggage and briefcases made from the finest hand-tooled leather. And also the most affordable. Take a look around and compare our prices with other Western luggage suppliers and we think you’ll agree. We will also be carrying various other products that meet our requirements for unique originality, including a great Western bundle from Old West author, publisher and radio host Dakota Livesay - Western SuitcasesLeather tooling became popular among cowboys and ranchers of the “Wild West” for its ornamentation and expression of personal style. Elaborately tooled saddles helped express pride in their owners’ horsemanship and identified individual possessions among cowboys with no horses of their own. Chaps—especially bat wing chaps, with wide wings buckled to the leg only at the knee—provided large surface areas for tooling, overlays and inlayed leather patterns. Cuffs, originally created to protect shirt sleeves and wrists from harm, became a fashion statement when worn by rodeo riders. Now, you can make a similar statement with one of our hand-tooled Western suitcases, briefcases and backpacks, or better yet, put together a set and make the ultimate statement!