Dakota Livesay Old West Bundle




Cowboy Luggage has made available four great Dakota Livesay creations in one value-priced bundle: His book “Living the Code”, his “Gunfights of the Old West” and “Tombstone, AZ” CDs and a back issue of Chronicle of the Old West, a $50 value for $24, with Free Shipping to the Continental US (while supplies last). Here’s more about this Old West Bundle:

The Book:

For six years, through the Chronicle of the Old West and his radio shows, Dakota Livesay has promoted seven precepts developed on America’s frontier.  He calls them “The Code.”

He’s now written “Living the Code”, explaining how we can make these precepts a part of our lives.  If taken seriously, these precepts can change a person’s life.

Dakota says, “I believe we can all agree that by each of us living by ‘The Code’, and inspiring others to do so, would not only change our lives individually, it would make major changes throughout the country and maybe even the world.”

The CDs:

Dakota states, “If you enjoy the Old West you’ll love these CDs comprised of stories about the people and events that helped shape Tombstone, Arizona Territory into the last great Old West boomtown on the continental United States, and of the most infamous gunfights of the Wild West.”

The Newspaper:

From Dakota, “Chronicle of the Old West is a 20-page newspaper that contains articles from actual 1800s publications and currently written articles, written as if the event has just happened. You would swear it was found in your great grandfather’s old trunk.”