A true statement piece, this Victorian lampshade is large and dramatic with a unique sculptural shape. The central oval panels feature a lush burnout velvet with a circular lace motif, giving the impression of artisanal wrought iron or intricate Moroccan tile patterns, while the top and bottom panels feature sheer black ruched paneling in between panels of thick black duchess satin.

Finished with a double layer of black and warm tan fringe trim and hand knotted black tasseltrim. Lined in light peach and warm copper moire fabric to give a wonderfully cozy glow when lit.

Contains a standard washer fitter at the top and is suitable for large lamps (especially floorlamps) with a harp and finial.

19.5” tall total (14” tall frame with 5.5” trim)
3” wide at top
21” wide at bottom

Victorian lampshade

Heathen By Mather Louth create one of a kind bespoke Victorian lampshades that are a timeless and luxurious addition to any home. Inspired equally by the opulence of the past while also offering a modern maximalist flair, each lampshade is hand sewn with precision and an attention to detail using a combination of unique vintage (sometimes deadstock!)  and carefully sourced modern textiles and trims.

Whether you’ve been desiring a more classic vintage styled fringe Victorian lampshade for your Art Deco/Art Nouveau boudoir, a piece inspired by the lush beauty of East India and Morocco, or a bold jewel toned statement piece, Mather can bring your design visions into reality.