Cowboy Briefcase From Cowboy Luggage

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Cowboy Luggage hand-tooled briefcases follow the tradition of an individual bringing Western style into a boardroom, classroom or studio. Those that own a cowboy briefcase from Cowboy Luggage carry a stylish, durable and highly functional piece of Western craftsmanship.

Cowboy Luggage - cowboy briefcaseWhether you choose a silver-buckled piece with several document pockets or a computer briefcase with zippered compartments, a cowboy briefcase will never cease to amaze all you come in contact with. Click HERE to view.

A quick history of briefcases: People have been using briefcases or bags of some type or another for centuries; in fact, briefcases have a very long and interesting history. People in the fourteenth century used a satchel type bag to carry their valuables.

Cowboy Luggage - cowboy briefcaseIn 1826 we saw the introduction of a hinged iron frame on a carpet bag when Godillot of Paris began to carry one everywhere he went. Next came the Gladstone bag, which was similar to the modern briefcase, a type of rigid suitcase that could be separated into two sections. Then the Rosebury bag became popular, which also had a rigid structure, but the top was oval. In the late 1850’s the narrow, rectangular bag that we now know as a briefcase was invented and became popular worldwide.

Briefcases are typically carried by a handle but now many come with a shoulder strap as well allowing you to carry it in two different ways. In fact, the name briefcase came about because lawyers used them to carry court documents known as briefs. More modern briefcases come equipped with extra pockets and internal padding that help to protect laptops and tablet computers. While you can still find briefcases with only one large internal space, Cowboy Luggage briefcases now also have features that help people stay organized such as accordion style dividers, subsections, specialized compartments, and small internal and external pockets.

Briefcases are a necessity in many situations; why not make a unique statement with a piece from the Cowboy Luggage Collection?